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Avectous Integrated Software was founded to transform your complex warehouse and selling challenges into competitive advantages using our cost-friendly, configurable suite of products. Our Channel Management System (CMS), Order Management System (OMS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides sound infrastructure and solid system-processes between sales channels, order processing, warehouse management, accounting platforms, and customer relationship management (CRM), allowing all of your operations divisions to work together to achieve overall optimization and growth for your company.

In today’s overcrowded systems market, far too often off-the-shelf products leave the problem-solving up to you. That’s not the case with Avectous Integrated Software. We understand every business is unique, with exclusive challenges that cannot be diagnosed through the click of a button. The Avectous Team addresses your challenges with experience and trust. By first understanding the complexity of your business and then adapting our solutions to these processes, we are able to develop far superior, fully integrated products for mid- to enterprise-level markets.



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Marketplace management.
This includes:

  • Item description uploads to multiple channels from a single spreadsheet
  • Graphic image uploads to multiple channels automatically
  • Interface to receive orders and provide inventory confirmation to marketplaces
  • Interface to transmit orders to company systems and warehouse operations
  • Automatic notifications to customers
  • Inventory updates to marketplaces
  • Multi-Channel workflow (e.g., getting the order from eBay and sending it to Amazon FBA)
  • Receive orders and integrate information with other systems without duplicate data entry
  • Real time, complete information to customer service for top quality customer response
  • Manage inventory confirmations across multiple marketplaces without excess inventory
  • Collect all order data in a separate data base, dramatically accelerating data processing
  • See all orders from all channels on a single display screen in real time
  • Configure reports to understand fast selling items, inventory levels, inventory reorder deadlines, in real time with 100% accuracy.
  • Use drop-shipping to have some inventory items shipped directly from supplier locations to reduce on-hand inventory and permit carrying of expensive items you don’t want to hold in inventory
  • Multi-fulfillment channel support
  • Multi-fulfillment channel allocation for sales orders with rule based allocation.
  • Amazon FBA integration
  • Real time inventory and order management
  • Powerful fulfillment management tools that integrate with CMS, OMS, shipping and all other systems
  • Automate receiving, inspection, put-away, storage, picking and shipping operations
  • Real time information on employee productivity
  • Reduce training time for new employees by using Radio Frequency (RF) handheld equipment
  • Reduce personnel requirements by optimizing productivity of individual employees
  • Batch, wave or order pick without paper
  • Eliminate mistakes in receiving, put-away, picking and shipping
  • Accelerate time between order receipt and shipment
  • Reduce customer service issues by increasing accuracy
  • Avoid stock-outs
  • Reduce facility requirements by optimizing inventory turns
  • Increase customer satisfaction with faster delivery and improving inventory availability

Discovery Avectous!

Why Avectous? To increase sales & Profits 


– Quickly Integrate New Sales Channels

– Simplify Order Processing

– Ship Faster

– Reduce Personnel

– Real Time Inventory Control

-Connect to Drop Ship Vendors

– Reduce Unnecessary Inventory

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