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Fulfillment Execution Software – Your key to increased profitability

  Your fulfillment operations offer an extraordinary opportunity for increased productivity, reduced inventory investment, limiting space requirements, optimizing labor-to-sales ratio and consequently – increasing profits. Everything starts with world class Fulfillment Execution Software (“FES”). What is FES? It is seamless, fully integrated software that manages systems, facilities, people, space, orders and information. Why is FES …read more

Warehouse Location Mapping: How To

Warehouse location mapping involves identifying and naming all product shelving positions, work areas, and travel paths within your facility. Warehouse locations can be thought of like a home address, each location indicates where goods “live” within your warehouse. Aisles are like streets, each bay is an apartment building, each shelf is a different floor within …read more

Cloud-Based or On-Premises? Choosing a Warehouse Management Software Solution

Cloud-Based vs. On-Premises Cloud-based computing services are delivered through the Internet and permit potentially unlimited computing power. This means that software can be used at multiple locations, by many users, processing large numbers of transactions simultaneously. The Cloud offers access to software unlimited by the capacity of an on-premises server. The Cloud does not offer …read more

Customer Satisfaction and Keeping Pace With Sales

Customer satisfaction plays an important role within your business. Not only is it the leading indicator to measure customer loyalty, identify unhappy customers, reduce churn and increase revenue; it is also a key point of differentiation that helps you to attract new customers in competitive business environments. With that being said, let me tell you viewers a story about a …read more

Integration Strategy For New Software Systems

As technology evolves and develops, integration strategy will become ever more complex and challenging. As cloud environments evolve, it is likely that over 80 percent of all integration projects will involve cloud and on-premises interoperability. It will be increasingly imperative to consider privacy and data security issues. The data structure of existing software applications in …read more

What Internet Retailers Want To See From Their Software Systems

Internet retailing is enormous and it’s only getting bigger. And yet, the software to manage the processes of Internet retailers is poorly integrated, poorly configured, and inefficient. We sat down with a number of Internet retailers and asked them what they want from a software perspective? Their consensus: a need for fulfillment execution software. They want tools that …read more

IT Trends 2016

Trends in information technology (IT Trends) are driving business strategy at an ever-increasing rate.  Let’s look at some of the most impactful trends and understand how they are influencing business decisions about fulfillment execution processes. What is fulfillment execution? Fulfillment execution processes can be listed by creating a backwards tracing of every step and process …read more

WMS Purchasing Considerations

What to consider when purchasing a Warehouse Management System (WMS) If you are reading this there is a better than average chance that you are doing some preliminary Internet research into the purchase of software.  You might be looking for warehouse management software, inventory management software, or order processing software. Why are you looking?  Probably, you …read more

Successful Integration of Warehouse Management Software (WMS)

Getting it all together – Successful integration of warehouse management software At every stage of your supply chain processes – indeed, at every stage of every process managed by your ERP – the software you use to manage warehouse activity (WMS) must be seamlessly integrated with every other software product you use. Not only will …read more

ERP Versus Warehouse Management System(WMS)

I’ve got Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, why do I need Warehouse Management Software (WMS)?   An ERP either offers a suite of functions (accounting, order management, human resources, customer maintenance, sales tracking, etc.) that are integrated into a single package, or acts as a “coordinator” to integrate modules that are not internal to the …read more

Overstock Inventory Can Create Financial Chaos

Overstock inventory can cause financial problems because of inventory write-downs Overstock Inventory can also take valuable warehouse space and tie up cash that ought to be used to purchase new inventory.  But, selling it in liquidation mode can cause its own set of problems, such as tarnishing your reputation and cannibalizing sales of other current …read more

E-merchant Retailers and Warehouse Processes

E-merchant Retailers and Warehouse Processes In our last conversation we talked about why we have warehouses and how to cost-justify a Warehouse Management Software (WMS) system to operate a warehouse at optimal efficiency. Let’s continue that discussion with a more concentrated focus on e-merchants – businesses that sell to consumers on the Internet (B-to-C). A …read more

Maintenance and Support Discussion

  Most customers wonder why all software suppliers charge ongoing maintenance and support fees. Simply put, this is a necessary and unavoidable cost associated with the use of complex software. Ongoing maintenance and support fees entitle the user to regular upgrades and improvements. When a software provider makes changes for the better to their software, …read more

How to determine whether you need a Warehouse Management System ?

A cutting edge Warehouse Management System is essential in today’s fast-moving environment. Is your company ready to take the next step in fulfillment technology?  According to Wikipedia, the three-click rule is an unofficial website navigation design rule. It suggests that a user of a website should be able to find any information with no more …read more

Long Term Warehouse Management System (WMS) ROI

The gift that keeps on giving, long term ROI from your WMS The implementation of a top notch Warehouse Management System (WMS) will have immediate benefits, which include: Faster picking More accurate order fulfillment Better inventory visibility and control Better integration with shipping processes Reduction of shipping costs Better personnel control due to increased information …read more

The Cash Impact of Reducing Inventory Levels

The object of the game is to reduce inventory relative to sales. Expressed another way, it is imperative to improve inventory turns. Simply, if a company has $1 million invested in inventory to support $10 million in annual sales, that equates to 10 inventory turns per year. Obviously, that doesn’t account for peak seasons, where …read more

WMS VS Inventory Management System

Distinguishing Between Inventory Management System and Warehouse Management System Prospective customers sometimes confuse inventory and warehouse management systems. This is very understandable, because these terms are sometimes used interchangeably. These terms are not, however, interchangeable. An inventory management system (IMS) is typically used to mean that you can record and manage the total amount of …read more

Order Management and Fulfillment Efficiency

Process Approach to Improving Order Management and Fulfillment Efficiency Let’s see how many of these challenges sound familiar: Our orders take too long to process Our orders are input inaccurately Our orders and inventory records don’t connect in real time Our orders are filled inaccurately Our orders take too many warehouse workers to fulfill Our …read more

Four Ways to Improve Order Processing

It’s cliché to say that processing orders quickly, accurately, and efficiently is the cornerstone upon which a successful business can be built. If your customers don’t get what they order, or don’t get it on time, or it costs too much because your fulfillment costs result in your prices being too high, you won’t build your business. You …read more

Fully Configurable Repricing Solution

Repricing Strategy. If you’re an seller, the #1 critical success factor for your online business is keeping your inventory priced right; too high and your inventory stagnates, too low and you’re losing money. Can your repricing system go both ways? Your system should automatically increase prices when your competitors are selling for higher prices than you. Many repricing options …read more

Amazon – It doesn’t have to be the enemy

Amazon is the 800-pound gorilla. The Buddha said “life is difficult.” Once we accept the reality of the situation, our efforts ought to be directed at optimizing our success, rather than complaining about any challenges that are presented.   One way to drive sales and visitors to your products is to consider Amazon as a comparison shopping …read more

Warehouse Performance — UNLEASH Productivity

      Warehouse Performance – How good are you? How good can you be?   What are the key metrics to establish the performance effectiveness of your warehouse operations? We believe they include:   Productivity – How many lines per worker are picked in an 8-hour shift?   Density – How effectively and efficiently do you use …read more

Warehouse Automation – Is It Right For You?

Here are some considerations to help you decide if warehouse automation is right for your operations.  Does your warehouse function efficiently now? If not, a system can offer some forced improvements, but it can’t fix a complex, inefficient warehouse operation. Before you embark on the difficult, time-consuming, and expensive implementation of a Warehouse Management System …read more

Uncover the hidden cost of poor warehouse operations

Measuring efficiency to uncover the hidden cost of poor warehouse operations   Order picking is expensive. If you diligently compare the cost of various activities in your warehouse, you will undoubtedly find that your picking personnel cost you a lot more than just their salary and benefits.  There are enormous hidden costs associated with picking …read more

Does Your Warehouse Management Software (WMS) Support Your Business?

Does your Warehouse Management Software (WMS) support your business? Does your WMS partner support your future? Some things to consider… Change happens. Sometimes it happens, but you don’t know about it. That may be the situation with your WMS. Most WMS systems are hampered by antiquated coding language and / or a conceptual approach that …read more

B2B sales reps still matter.

Oracle recently declared that outside B2B sales representatives are doomed to extinction. …well, almost… More accurately, Oracle reported that Forrester has observed that as many as one quarter of B2B salespeople will lose their jobs in the future, as more companies move to Internet-based sales processes. Fair enough. There are many products that can be …read more

The Significance of ERP Integration

You have an ERP. It has a warehouse / inventory module. It isn’t very good. What are your options? How best to seize that opportunity? Should you consider a Warehouse Management Software (WMS) system and how do you insure that its integration with your ERP will be seamless and productive? WMS functionality is something you …read more

Why a Warehouse Management System (WMS)?

Properly implemented and integrated, your new WMS will launch your warehouse and fulfillment operations to a new and vastly improved level and contribute enormously to your profitability. You will lower costs, optimize use of existing space, minimize training time for new employees, increase accuracy, and help you make better business decisions. It will help you …read more

How to make your personnel more PRODUCTIVE

Everybody wants to be more profitable. Making your personnel more productive is imperative. But, what does that really mean? Sure, there are obvious personnel-related productivity targets, such as increasing the number of sales calls each salesperson makes every week. Keeping employees from surfing the Web during business hours is another one. Pretty soon, you’ve addressed …read more

How to Evaluate Your Warehouse Operations

If your warehouse challenges are similar to most other warehouse managers, you have found that labor costs are increasing and difficult to control. The rapidly increasing cost of employee benefits is just one factor. Another common challenge is overstaffing prior to peak activity periods. This happens because it can take a week, or more, to …read more