The Avectous Channel Management System (CMS) is an e-commerce software to help both fast growing and power sellers amplify their online presence across a multitude of marketplaces. Our team understands the complexities and frustration involved in uploading/managing products onto a single market place, let alone numerous marketplaces. Our CMS offers access to every sales channel you need reach new customers and drive sales, channels including:


Let us help simplify the way you view sales channels reports, Avectous integrates all orders onto a common platform, pulled from all sales channels and presents easy-to-read, customized, Channel Insights. This allows sellers to make informed decisions and updates about your current strategies and execution on Amazon, eBay and more.



Customized Channel Insights Including:


  • All Sales
  • Sales by Channel
  • Units by Channel
  • Product Velocity



Real Time Market Place Management


  • Real Time information permits immediate reactions to changes in item velocity and global market shifts.
  • Item description uploads to multiple channels from a single spreadsheet 
  • Graphic image uploads to multiple channels automatically 
  • Interface to receive orders and provide inventory confirmation to marketplaces
  • Interface to transmit orders to company systems and warehouse operations 
  • Automatic notifications to customers
  • Inventory updates to marketplaces 
  • Multi-Channel workflow (e.g., getting the order from eBay and sending it to Amazon FBA)
  • Provides INSTANT shipping confirmation to customers and back to the channels for payment. 



Ecommerce Platforms

Effectively managing your products across all your sales channels often includes your own website.

Avectous offers a common point of shopping cart integration, allowing you to have to complete insight and control of your website.

Avectous has quickly become known as integration specialist and has partnered with many industry leading shopping cart platforms such as:

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