Press Release Avectous & Pacific Barcode



Santa Ana, CA, March 29, 2016–

Avectous Integrated Software, Inc. today announced that Pacific Barcode, a label printing solutions service, has joined its Avectous Trusted Partners (ATP) Program as a strategic partner.

Pacific Barcode’s deep understanding of printed barcode labels and extremely complex labeling applications, complements the Avectous warehouse management system(WMS) implementation process and delivers added value to customers seeking an experienced label solutions provider.

The direct connection between Avectous WMS, and Pacific Barcode’s labeling solutions, will allow companies to quickly optimize the WMS implementation process through rapid software and custom labeling design.

Omni-channel commerce continues to add complexity and competition for retailers. To prosper, warehouse efficiency will become a critical differentiator, driving accurate inventory and giving customers the ability to check inventory by store on the company’s website or various sales channels, will make or break a company in the following years to come. At the same time, sellers want to immediately reference previous purchases and preferences to their customers to drive sales. This can only be done through accurate inventory information. Another essential element of this vision, is the ability to “accurately scan”, any barcode or label in the warehouse. In order to accomplish this, retailers must have properly implemented warehouse labels, one label placed incorrectly and the entire row might be wrong. A warehouse that includes, proper labeling and barcoding, inventory visibility, and order orchestration will undoubtedly have a significantly higher chance of success in todays overcrowded retail market.

“Pacific Barcode Label Printing Solutions is a turnkey provider of warehouse labels and signs with over 500,000 hours of successful installs and 16 years of label printing experience” says Phil Peretz, Director of Marketing and Processes. “Whether you need a handful of directional signs or a complete retrofit of your warehouse, Pacific Barcode can work with you every step of the way.”

The Avectous Warehouse Management System (WMS) has the capability to cut operations costs, increase picking speed, provide an accurate inventory count, improve customer service and much more. Additionally, it allows for you to transform your complex warehouse and selling challenges into competitive advantages, you must have a sound infrastructure/systems process; between sales channels, order processing, accounting systems, and Custom Relationship Management (CRM). This will in turn allow all of your operations divisions to work together and achieve overall company optimization and growth.

“Pacific Barcode is well-known for its label printing expertise and its understanding of the customization involved with every project,” said Bob Davidson, VP of Partner Relations, Avectous Integrated Software. “We are excited to partner together to allow our current and future clients to quickly optimize the WMS implementation process, this will be extremely beneficial for everyone involved.”

Pacific Barcode’s team of label and barcoding specialist, allow for additional added value to your warehouse. To ensure consistent execution with manufactured labels and for optimum quality, Pacific Barcode has designed and installed proprietary in-line visual inspection stations on the label converting lines. This added feature will continue to improve quality control processes.

For companies in time pressured industries, moving into a new warehouse may seem overwhelming. The strategic partnership between Avectous Integrated Software and Pacific Barcodes allows a shortened move in time, with the experienced needed to complete any project.


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