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Channel Management Software-CMS

Our channel management solution offers cloud based, affordable, easily implemented access to every channel you need to drive sales to record levels. Increase the size and scope of your market presence by capitalizing on every important channel, including Amazon, eBay, Newegg,, and many others. Avectous CMS integrates all of your orders onto a common platform, pulled from all of the channels you sell on, and presents easy-to-read, informative reports. You can see; All Sales, Sales by Channel, Units by Channel, Product Velocity, and a variety of other critical reports. Our Content Manager allows you to upload and publish product descriptions and images to individual channels. Each channel can have a discrete description and image ensuring conformation to channel protocol for product attributes. This is absolutely critical for effective Google placement, because Google punishes Internet retailers that have identical content on more than one site. Real time information permits immediate reaction to changes in item velocity and market shifts. Get your newest, fastest moving products in front of millions of new customers and keep them at the top of every page.

We provide real-time inventory reports to your channels and (where available as determined by the channel) payment and settlement reports. Our CMS offers a common point of integration with all of your other software e.g., financial statement, ERP, etc. We allow you to provide instant shipping confirmation to customers and channels.


Order Management Software-OMS

A powerful integration engine that seamlessly connects multiple sales channels and your ERP system. Avectous OMS provides real-time inventory updates, order and item catalog management and fraud control. You can decide how to fulfill orders; direct from inventory, multiple inventory locations, or by drop ship from third-party suppliers. You can match your customer’s zip code to your inventory locations to ensure lowest shipping cost. You can use your own warehouses, or 3pls, or third-party supplier locations, all seamlessly and automatically and you can modify these parameters quickly, simply and at low cost. Can your system decide whether, when and where to elect to drop ship? Ours can! We provide integration with return processes and inventory management of returns. Don’t have a WMS? Don’t think you can use our OMS? Yes you can! We can integrate pick lists and accommodate integration with your shipping software and our OMS. Take control of your business with Avectous OMS!


Warehouse Management Software-WMS

Avectous WMS is the most affordable, effective and intuitive system available today. 30-day implementation GUARANTEED! You give us your data and we configure to your operating processes. Reduce labor costs. Eliminate unnecessary inventory. Avoid stock-outs, with our WMS and OMS you can take advantage of drop-ship suppliers to effectively increase your product line indefinitely! Real time data allows you to react instantly to inventory velocity and order spikes. Simple, easy user interface with clear, information-rich reports and simple user modification. Fast and cost-effective modification to integrate with every other type of software you use. Industry best practices are built right into our system and with our automatic updates you will be ahead of the curve now and in the future. We support the most modern technology and processes, including wireless and bar code technologies and RFID. We also offer containerization, wave planning, batch picking and of course, we support multiple inventory locations.


Why Buy our Avectous Suite of CMS, OMS and WMS?
1. Better and more complete channel reporting and shipping confirmations

2. Seamless integration on one common platform

3. Common view of all activities; channels, orders, and inventory!

4. Zero integration cost between these three critical platforms!

5. Zero integration risk “ No Frankentec effect”! Our Suite works perfectly together!

6. Fast execution of orders, all from one system!

7. You pay for ONE implementation, not three, save time and money!


Other WMS products we offer

We offer advanced warehouse management functionality to manage even the most complex distribution environments. .We can also help you as an Authorized Reseller of other recognized and effective WMS solutions, including HighJump WMS. This powerful WMS helps ensure fast, accurate fulfillment through directed, optimized workflow, utilizing the most advanced wireless and bar code technologies, including RFID. Containerization, wave planning and slotting drive further enhance efficiencies. HighJump WMS executes a vast array of strategic processes, such as receiving, put-away/flow-through, inventory management, order processing, replenishment/pick/pack, loading and shipping. HighJump Warehouse Advantage Express delivers key warehouse management functionality with the benefits of rapid implementation and personalized configuration to fit your particular processes.

When you are ready, our software can help you easily add-on more complex warehouse management capabilities such as slotting, labor management and dock door scheduling by transitioning to our enterprise-level WMS.

We are also a reseller of SAP Business One

Automate, integrate, and manage all your financial and accounting processes. Grow customer profitability and increase customer satisfaction with effective sales and opportunity management, and after-sales support. Automate your entire procurement process from purchase order to vendor invoice payment. Act on instant and complete information with comprehensive, real-time reports.