Avectous Warehouse Management Software (WMS) will launch your warehouse and fulfillment operations to a new and vastly improved level and contribute enormously to your profitability.

Every warehouse and fulfillment operation is unique and the optimal software solution can only be determined after your business has been assessed by experienced, sophisticated experts. It is simply impossible to buy a powerful warehouse management software system online. Avectous will spend the necessary time with you to understand the complexity of your business and adapt our solutions to your processes.


Advantages of Avectous Warehouse Management 


  • Real time inventory and order management
  • Powerful fulfillment management tools that integrate with CMS, OMS, shipping and all other systems
  • Automate receiving, inspection, put-away, storage, picking and shipping operations
  • Real time information on employee productivity
  • Reduce training time for new employees by using Radio Frequency (RF) handheld equipment
  • Reduce personnel requirements by optimizing productivity of individual employees
  • Batch, wave or order pick without paper
  • Eliminate mistakes in receiving, put-away, picking and shipping
  • Accelerate time between order receipt and shipment
  • Reduce customer service issues by increasing accuracy
  • Avoid stock-outs
  • Reduce facility requirements by optimizing inventory turns
  • Increase customer satisfaction with faster delivery and improving inventory availability


Warehouse Profiling and Assessment 



In order to truly understand the complexities of your warehouse, our team diagnoses the unique pain points that come with every growing business. We profile the following:
  1. Order picking and Shipping process design
  2. Receiving and putaway process design
  3. Slotting
  4. Material transport systems engineering
  5. Warehouse layout and material flow design
  6. Warehouse Sizing
  7. Level of automation and staffing



Assessment of the productivity of warehouse personnel is something that needs to be of great concern. Typically, labor in the warehouse accounts for over two-thirds of total warehouse expense.
  1. Do you know which employees are picking fastest and most accurately?
  2. Do you have warehouse staff that are performing at sub-optimal levels?
Avectous WMS will tell you hourly who is working fastest and who is making the most mistakes. Avectous will allow you to train new warehouse employees in a matter of hours, rather than days, or weeks.