Sales Orders

4 years ago
Rita K

If you can ship the order faster, you will receive payment faster. Enough said.

Most of our customers have never really explored the cost of processing a sales order. The cost should be negligible, and can be if it can be automated. If you’re paying staff to manually process the order, your cost is probably much higher than you believe. An effective OMS can decrease your cost-per-order by over 80%.The best way to increase sales is to improve the user experience your customers have. Consider Zappos. Customers could buy shoes from many retailers. They choose Zappos. Why? Because the user experience is consistently excellent.  Broad selection and astoundingly fast delivery. How does Zappos accomplish this? By processing orders instantly, confirming inventory availability, routing orders to the optimal fulfillment center and managing “back office”processes with complete automation and efficiency. The result is customer loyalty and customer referrals. Isn’t that what your business wants?


If Zappos filled the order instantly, but sent the wrong product, the user experience would be terrible. Once again, an automatic and accurate order management system is imperative. It must integrate completely and seamlessly with all the fulfillment systems used by the business to ensure that orders are received and transmitted to fulfillment centers accurately and immediately. Should inventory be unavailable, instant communication to the customer is critical. If the inventory is available, consistent messages to the customer advising of the fulfillment processes under way are equally important. Your customer must receive automated notices advising that the order has been received (with confirmation of all details), the order has been picked, shipped, etc. Tracking information must be provided to the customer accurately. Mistakes must be eliminated and the accurate and efficient steps taken to deliver the order promptly and accurately must be instantly reported to the customer.


Duplicate processing, errors and error correction take time and cost money. Customers must be called or emailed, fulfillment personnel must be taken out of their ordinary routines to backtrack and solve problems. Inventory levels become inaccurate. Orders get lost. An excellent order management system prevents all of these problems and avoids the cost associated with them.


It is only when your back office systems are bulletproof that you can grow. Your orders will increase, your efficiency will improve and your profitability will grow. When you are scrambling to ship orders received several days ago, you spend so much time coping with the chaos of today that you can’t drive your company towards tomorrow. An efficient, effective and thoroughly integrated OMS will give you the tools to build your business today and into the future. 


Avectous Solutions

Order automation happens quickly and painlessly with Avectous. Orders may be received in any format. Say goodbye to manual data entry! Focus your customer service personnel on customer satisfaction and upselling, rather than tracking down problems.Avectous captures 100% of the information necessary to quickly and accurately process orders. That information is automatically shared with every other system that makes use of that information. Your ERP, CRM, accounting system, inventory modules, warehouse management system, shipping and tracking systems are all completely integrated.Avectous is completely intuitive and training new personnel is a snap.  Efficiency is dramatically improved and your business will do more with fewer people.Avectous works in the Cloud or on an internal infrastructure, depending on customer preference.


Take Control.