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Solutions for Multichannel Operations & Fulfillment

4 years ago
Rita K
Check out this piece we found from President Brian Barry, from F. Curtis Barry & Company. It lays out the importance of order picking and the impact it can make on your business.

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Order picking is one of the most important functions in the warehouse. The customer experience can be good or bad because of the picking process. Order accuracy and timely order fulfillment are keys to a successful customer experience. Picking and packing in e-commerce operations often comprise more than 50% of labor costs.
Two objectives of picking are to minimize walking times and produce high accuracy levels from the pick process. Having a good inventory control process in place will go a long way toward improving picking accuracy. A clearly labeled warehouse and easily read pick documents, or RF screens, help as well. To reduce walk time, it is necessary to properly velocity slot the warehouse and pick as many orders as possible in one trip through the pick line.
Our blog this week concentrates on picking methods in conventional warehouses which can function in most Order Management, ERP and Warehouse Management Systems.
Read “Selecting The Best Picking Method For Your E-commerce Business” https://www.fcbco.com/blog/best-picking-method-ecommerce
We have assisted hundreds of multi-channel clients improve operations; design new fulfillment centers; select and install new WMS systems. I would like the opportunity to discuss your business and how we can assist you in reaching your company’s goals.
Feel free to contact me at bbarry@fcbco.com, 804-740-8743 ext. 3.
Sincerely yours,
Brian Barry
F. Curtis Barry & Company