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Avectous Integrated Software transforms your complex warehouse and selling challenges into competitive advantages using our cost-friendly, configurable suite of products.

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Why Choose Avectous

We're Built To Scale

We can painlessly and affordably grow with you even as your business model changes every few years. We understand your need to change to accommodate your market and customers.

We're Way Beyond Legacy Technology

Our software was built using the latest coding languages that work across all mobile platforms. Our WMS is completely rule and task-based. We have built all the various complexities needed to manage a modern day multi-channel (B2B, B2C, D2C) business.

First Tier Customer Support

Avectous offers in-house customer support 24/7 on a critical and non-critical bases. We are available through our SoCal headquarters, and pride ourselves on responding promptly.

Cloud Based Software

Avectous is a SaaS based provider of cloud-based fully integrated fulfillment technologies handling all inbound + outbound warehouse operations and order management. We provide the data needed to drive and scale a first-tier competitive business. We are quick to implement, and at a fraction of the cost of any other first tier WMS solution. 

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Integrates with every type of business

Our software is compatible with B2B, B2C, DTC, DOM, WES, e-merchants, wholesalers, manufactures, 3PL, 4PL, and more. We are an end-to-end fulfillment solution that offers API integration through multiple channels including marketplaces, accounting solutions, CRMs, and all major shipping solutions. No matter the size or complexity of your business, we tailor our software to fit your needs – not the reverse.

Integrated Warehouse Management Software

Avectous’ intuitive warehouse management system has all the features you need to establish efficient inbound and outbound processes, keep track of returns, and dramatically reduce product + shipping errors.

Drop Shipping
Multiple Warehouses
Value added Services
LTL compatible
Inbound Cross Docking
Task Based Management
Split Orders
Rate Shopping
Delivery Notifications

Cloud Services

Direct APIs and EDI integrations to channels and
e-commerce platforms you need to drive sales.


What our customers and partners are saying

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How We Work

Our fully integrated Channel Management System (CMS), Order Management System (OMS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS) provide rock solid system processes between sales channels, order processing, warehouse management, and accounting platforms, allowing all of your operation divisions to work together to achieve optimal ROI.

  • 01 We start with your Order Profile processes and complexities to better understand your pain points and scalable needs.
  • 02 We work with your team to develop a very detailed, customizable Scope of Work (SOW) to improve all processed within your four walls.
  • 03 Through fully transparent, rule-based tasking we can dramatically improve the time, labor and error efficiencies within your warehouse.

Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the pricing model?

Our pricing structure includes a one-time implementation fee based of scope of work, # of warehouses, etc. and a monthly SaaS fee. The cost of cloud services is based on amount of data used.

What kind of software support do you provide, and what’s the cost?

A certain number of support hours are included with the monthly SaaS fee. Our customer support team is based in-house and headquartered in Southern California.

Are software upgrades included in the base cost?

Yes, software upgrades are included in the SaaS fee.

I have a small/medium business, is your solution suited to my needs?

Yes, our software is customizable and flexible to scale as your business grows.

Does your solution work in a 3PL environment?

Yes, the software is completely timed and task base driven. Thus, perfectly suitable for 3PLs. In addition to 3PLs, we are suitable for B2B, B2C, D2C (direct to consumer), and DOM (distributed order management). 

What advantages does your product/company provide over other WMS providers?

Avectous is vastly configurable; which means our software is adaptable and designed to meet your business demands. You do not have to change your business to suit our software. Unlike, other software companies who demand your business conform to their needs, here at Avectous we implement our first-tier solution specifically to suit you.

I currently have a paper-based system. What kind of ROI can I expect if I go with your system?

The ROI benefits will come through traceable productivity in the warehouse, elimination of error, greater customer satisfaction by delivering on time, and lowering hiring costs.

With 30 years experience, Avectous knows warehouses.

Call us today to book a discovery call > 1-714-656-2898

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