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Every warehouse and fulfillment operation is unique and the optimal warehouse software solution can be determined after your business has been assessed by experienced experts. Avectous will spend the necessary time with you to understand the complexity of your business and adapt our solutions to your processes.


Advantages of Avectous Warehouse Management

  • Real time inventory and order management
  • Powerful fulfillment management tools that integrate with CMS, OMS, shipping and many other systems
  • Automate receiving, inspection, put-away, storage, picking and shipping operations
  • Information on employee productivity
  • Reduce training time for new employees by using Radio Frequency (RF) handheld equipment
  • Batch, wave or order pick without paper
  • Eliminate mistakes in receiving, put-away, picking and shipping
  • Accelerate time between order receipt and shipment
  • Reduce customer service issues by increasing accuracy
  • Avoid stock-outs



In order to truly understand the complexities of your warehouse, our team diagnoses the unique pain points that come with every growing business. We profile the following:

  • Order picking and shipping process design
  • Receiving and putaway process design
  • Slotting
  • Material transport systems engineering
  • Warehouse layout and material flow design
  • Warehouse Sizing
  • Level of automation and staffing


Do you know which employees are picking fastest and most accurately? Do you have warehouse staff that are performing at sub-optimal levels? Do you know which warehouse process is holding up your overall warehouse activity?


Avectous will help you answer these questions and account for warehouse expenses. 


An Order Management System (OMS) is a necessity for fast-growth and large businesses.  Avectous OMS automates and provides faster, more accurate order processing, reporting, and item velocity visibility. Our OMS includes integration with accounting, purchasing, warehouse and shipping systems.  


Why is an Order Management System Critical for my Business?

  •  Order management relates to all products and services that you sell to your customers and every way that information about orders finds its way into your information repository.
  • Order management speaks to the processes you use to streamline every aspect of your order processes, including reducing multiple data entry activities, increasing accuracy, ensuring inventory availability by constantly updates information from your inventory system.
  • Order management keeps supplier records and information current. Who do you buy it from? What does it cost? How long does it take to receive it? What is your QC defect rate?


Benefits of Avectous Order Management

  • Fast, efficient, order processing with a minimum delay, double data handling, and misshaped orders
  • Constantly updated inventory information, a database of vendors, a database of customers, a record of customer returns and refunds, and information on billing and payments for top quality customer service and sales response
  • Collect all order data in a separate data base, dramatically accelerating data processing
  • Configure reports to understand fast selling items, inventory levels, inventory reorder deadlines, in real time with 100% accuracy
  • Decide how to fulfill orders – direct from inventory, multiple inventory locations, or by drop ship from a third-party supplier
  • Multi-fulfillment channel allocation for sales orders with rule-based allocation.
  • Amazon FBA integration
  • Reduce backorders and meet customer demand by automating substitutions for similar products based on a set of unique business rules
  • Proper handling of tax calculations based on global requirement
  • Forecast inventory shortages, potential customer service issues and delivery problems


Avectous Channel Management System (CMS) is an e-commerce software to help fast growing and power sellers amplify their online presence across a multitude of marketplaces. Our team understands the complexities and frustration involved in uploading/managing products onto a single marketplace, let alone numerous marketplaces. Our CMS offers access to every sales channel you need to reach new customers and drive sales.


Let us help simplify the way you view sales channels reports. Avectous integrates all orders onto a common platform, pulled from all sales channels and presents easy-to-read, customized, channel insights. This allows sellers to make informed decisions and updates about your current strategies and execution on sales channels. 


Real Time Market Place Management

  • Real Time information permits immediate reactions to changes in item velocity and global market shifts.
  • Item description uploads to multiple channels from a single spreadsheet
  • Graphic image uploads to multiple channels automatically
  • Interface to receive orders and provide inventory confirmation to marketplaces
  • Interface to transmit orders to company systems and warehouse operations
  • Automatic notifications to customers
  • Inventory updates to marketplaces
  • Multi-Channel workflow 


Ecommerce Platforms

Effectively managing your products across all your sales channels often includes your own website. Avectous offers a common point of shopping cart integration, allowing you to have to complete insight and control of your website.

Avectous WMS is ideal for 3PLs as it is a time and task based software system. All users are logged in, and the system records every task assigned, as well as the time it takes to complete said task. Every activity within the four walls of the warehouse is documented on our Avectous Connect platform. The rules based software is so highly configurable that each client can have their own set of tasks. And our receiving, cross-docking, put away, cycle count, VAS, and pick- pack- ship rules are just as customizable. Avectous’s highly configurable 3PL solution allows clients to easily document and accurately bill their customers for everything pertaining to storing their merchandise and shipping their orders.   


Benefits of Avectous in the 3PL Space

  • Avectous has the ability to completely map out a warehouse, enabling pallets to go anywhere within the space. 
  • Management of parent-child relationships with built in tasking processes
  • Image capture on RF screens allows the team offloading a container, know the exact configuration of a pallet and provides a way to record potentially damaged cases.

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