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Modern Commerce: Same Day and Next- Day Shipping

4 years ago
Rita K

Today, shopping online is the new norm. Whether it’s a gift, grocery items, clothes, electronics… you name it, it can be found online. And in most cases, it can be delivered to where you are in just a couple of days. As Amazon’s presence continues to grow in our everyday lives, shoppers are expecting same day or next-day shipping on all their orders. Shoppers tend to abandon their carts once they get to checkout and see that it will take a week or even 3 days to receive their order. 

It is extremely important that retailers with a sizable e-commerce presence make sure that their delivery time can fulfill the same day or next day expectations. 3PLs (third party logistics) or having an urban fulfillment center can be the solution to quick delivery problems. 

Inner-city Fulfillment Centers

  • An estimated 80% of Americans live in urban neighborhoods
  • Urban dwelling individuals purchase the most online, compared to suburban and rural areas

Therefore, making these areas a priority can increase sales. The option of utilizing inner-city fulfillment centers or having a fulfillment center that is in an area where a highly concentrated number of customers reside, will help deliver products faster and simpler. 


  • A 3PL can be a cost reducing alternative to having a fulfillment warehouse of your own. Instead of implementing your own fulfillment center which includes staffing, land, and labor costs; 3PLs provide on-demand warehouse services. They have the capacity and ability to deliver your products without you having to get in the trenches of warehousing, inventory, and order management. 

All things considered, the world of commerce is inevitably changing and if you are not conforming to the expectations and demands of consumers, you will fall behind. Explore alternatives to successfully deliver products to your customers without compromising quality.